12 things we’ve learnt so far from the snap election

12 things we’ve learnt so far from the snap election


Iain Duncan Smith likes a bit of Eminem, Tories shop at Sainsbury’s and working-class people are allowed into Costa coffee: here’s what the campaign has told us three weeks in

1 Tim Farron had a poster of Margaret Thatcher on his wall as a teenager
“I had all kinds of weird icons I was into,” he told ITV. And we thought our dog-eared Smash Hits! Posters of Jason Donovan were embarrassing.

2 Iain Duncan Smith is the Conservatives’ answer to Eminem
“You’re choking now / Everybody’s joking now / And the clock’s run out,” he rapped on the sofa of Good Morning Britain, quoting the lyrics to Lose Yourself to a bemused Piers Morgan, Susanna Reid and Chuka Umunna.

3 Sainsbury’s were really on to something with their Bag for Life messaging


4 Diane Abbott + maths = *explosion*
Anyone who’s ever spent their maths lesson staring out of the window and then been called on by the teacher for an answer can surely empathise with how Diane Abbott felt when she had to explain Labour’s weird promise for 10,000 new police officers. Or discuss the party’s losses in the local elections:

Abbott: “I think the net losses are about 50.”
Interviewer: “They’re 125.”
Abbott: “Well the last time I looked we had net losses of 100.”

5 Tories are still promising to reduce net immigration to the tens of thousands
Despite hints they might drop the target, which has so far proved unworkable. The most recent figure is 273,000 and in case you thought Brexit would make an impact, around 164,000 of those people came from outside the EU.

6 Working-class people are allowed into Costa coffee
(Maybe they prefer it to Starbucks because, unlike Labour’s Dawn Butler, they know it pays its taxes.)

7 Ed Miliband is quite funny when he’s not in charge of anything


8 Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell still think people just need to get to know them
Meanwhile people who do know them, such as the new Manchester mayor Andy Burnham, hide when they see them coming.

9 UKIP have got some kind of issue with bee keepers. 

10 Ruth Davidson is #goals
Nicola Sturgeon, unruly dogs, crap policies like the rape clause… nothing fazes the Scottish Conservative leader (although she really doesn’t seem keen on this big fish).

11 The Lib Dems are committed to a second referendum on Brexit
Also called for by the Green Party and the SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon.

12 Progressives are working together… haphazardly
The Lib Dems giving the Greens’ co-leader Caroline Lucas a clear run in Brighton Pavilion, while the Greens are standing aside in various seats for Labour and the Women’s Equality Party leaders Sophie Walker. And Labour has expelled three members for a “plot” with the Lib Dems and Greens to allow the National Health Action Party candidate, Dr Louise Irvine, the best chance of defeating Jeremy Hunt in South West Surrey. The Progressive Alliance has advice on who to vote for to unseat “the regressive right” near you.


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