First, the Kelly. Then, the Birkin. Now, the Corbyn

First, the Kelly. Then, the Birkin. Now, the Corbyn

totes-bags_jc copy
This election season, there’s only one bag to be seen carrying: the Labour Party’s iconic canvas tote bag

The Votes By Women fashion team could barely contain our excitement when this iconic tote from the Labour Party “dropped” online late last night.

Adorned with a picture of a 67-year-old white middle-class man, the canvas tote bears the legend: “FOR THE MANY”. Which we totally get, because old white middle-class men have been talking for everyone else for, like, ever so who needs Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Maria Grazia Chiuri?

The simple line drawing of Jeremy Corbyn shows off the Labour leader’s furrowed brow – he’s so worried about the cost of hospital parking! – and his award-winning beard. “This image is every bit as inspiring as Shepherd Fairey’s HOPE poster of Obama,” said Alexandra Schulman, outgoing editor of British Vogue, or she definitely would have if we’d been able to reach her when we called this morning.

The bag will need careful styling, of course. You’ll want to avoid wearing s/s 2017’s statement sleeves with it in case your voluminous cuffs cover up the Labour Party logo. And the red would make an unfortunate clash with the latest shades of pink.

However, like Miuccia Prada before him, Jeremy Corbyn is not here to follow trends: he’s here to set trends. In this case a trend for voting Conservative even if it makes absolutely no sense for you to do so. We’ll be teaming the Corbyn bag with timeless black, to communicate our sorrow at the likely future of the NHS, and a pair of trainers so that we are ready to run away if any angry Corbynistas should realise that we’re carrying it ironically.

Priced at just £17 (suggested donation) or £25 if you take two, it’s significantly cheaper than you’ll pay at Hermès. Snap one up now, before the Tories drag us all into a hard Brexit and you can no longer afford to buy food.


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